Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer with Apra Metro DC! The chapter is powered exclusively by a dynamic cast of volunteers. We are always seeking new ideas and new faces, so we'd love to know if you want to help out!

Programming Committee | Contact: [email protected]

A dedicated group of volunteers who drive strategic educational and networking content by inventing new and fun ways to engage the chapter's membership. From concepts and planning to logistics and execution, this team’s contributions to our events are invaluable! If you'd like to help with just a single event, that's great too! View upcoming programming on our events page. Many thanks to our current Programming Committee members.

Mentor Program | Contact: [email protected]

Launched in 2016, the mentor program is connecting growing and seasoned professionals to discuss prospect research learning opportunities and career growth. Already representing a tenth of the chapter and including members from neighboring chapters, the mentor program is a great way to make new connections and lend your wisdom to others!

Presenter | Contact: [email protected]

The chapter hosts several educational presentations and workshops throughout the year, free to our members. We are always on the lookout for subject matter experts who are willing to impart their wisdom to our members! Please contact us for more information about speaking opportunities.

Write for The Prospector | Contact: [email protected]

Hot off the presses, writing for The Prospector is a great way to build your resume and share your knowledge with the chapter! Case studies and opinion pieces welcome! Recent authors include: Andrea Balzano, Anne Dean, Catherine Flaatten, Jennifer Filla, Madaleine Laird, Ben Lord, Sonia Makelele, Andy McMahon, Katie Mire, Javier Rodriguez, and Thomas Turner.

Scholarship Nominations | Contact: [email protected]

Know a prospect development professional who’s looking for career growth? Work with a researcher who wants to break into prospect management or data analytics? On a smaller team with a researcher/moves manager who wears many hats looking to specialize in prospect development? Nominate them for the Apra Metro DC's Daniel H. Greely Memorial Scholarship! The scholarship is tailored to cover a host of different professional development activities. Details posted each fall on the scholarship page!

Other ideas or thoughts? | Contact: [email protected]

Do you have website or design skills? Are you interested in joining the Board of Directors? Do you have ideas about how to attract new members or sponsors? Speak up! We'd love to hear from you.